Texas Club Tennis is an organization for anyone who wants to continue playing tennis when they get to college. Our club is very dynamic and has options for those who want to keep playing competitively and at high levels as well as for those who don’t want to compete but want to come out and play once in a while.

As far as competing goes, we participate in many regional events across Texas throughout the school year, a sectionals championship in the Spring, and send teams to the National Championship (in Orlando, FL las year) and Invitational Tournaments (in Arizona last year) every Spring as well.

In addition, we offer numerous social events. In the past, we have gone mini golfing, gone hiking,  gone to the movies, we often hold team dinners, and we have numerous parties throughout the year.

We also have numerous volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

People make life-long friendships through club tennis, and we really strive to create a casual, friendly environment while still making tennis a big priority.

Thanks and Hook’em!