Meet the Officers


Our leadership is divided into two categories: On The Court and Off The Court. Each committee is listed below with their respective jobs.

ON THE COURT – This committee is in charge of practice, travel, tournaments, and the ladder.

Co-President: Natalia Tribaldos

Natalia is a junior majoring in Management Information Systems and Economics. When not on the tennis court Natalia is studying, playing other sports, or planning her next trip. She loves exploring the world and different cultures through travel and living in different places.

On The Court Committee Member: Sid Bagaria

Sid is a junior majoring in Finance and Economics. He hopes to live in NYC after graduation. Sid started playing tennis around the age of 12 and has loved it ever since. If he is not playing tennis, Sid is playing his guitar, spending time with friends or watching Game of Thrones. During practice, you can usually find him singing for other club members and/or talking about Thai food. 

On The Court Committee Member: Gia Le

Gia is a sophomore business student, who is thinking about doing Marketing (but don’t hold her to that).  She has grown up with tennis being a major part of her life, but she didn’t start playing competitively until high school. Besides tennis, she is also an avid movie-goer and loves exploring Austin! A little fun fact about Gia is that she used to baton twirl from the ages of 8 to 12 years old.

On The Court Committee Member: Lee Pham

Lee is a senior economics major. You will find Lee always at the courts (no joke, like he is probably there now). On the off chance he isn’t, the next place you should look is Chipotle. If you want to make Lee’s day bring him some Tiff’s cookies or Reese’s or both.

On The Court Committee Member: Isaac Kil

Issac is a sophomore studying physics. He loves to play tennis, and will most likely be at the courts if he not studying.  He has played tennis for 12 years, so clearly tennis is a passion of his. Look out for Isaac riding his penny board to and from the bus stop and the courts. 

OFF THE COURT – This committee is in charge of socials, volunteering, social media, and apparel.

Co-President: Sheridan Scholtz

Sheridan is a junior Finance major, minoring in Textiles and Apparel. She was born and raised in College Station and like any true Longhorn, couldn’t leave faster. In the past two years, she has fallen in love with the live music and amazing food in Austin. When she isn’t doing things for club, she is watching far too much Netflix, searching for newer and stronger forms of caffeine, and eating donuts.

Off The Court Committee Member: Kayla Kelley

Kayla is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. She is from The Woodlands, TX, but loves spending time in Austin. Besides tennis, Kayla enjoys eating tacos, playing spikeball, and spending time outdoors (when it’s not miserably hot). However, when that is the case, she is usually binging  a new show: some of her favorites include House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Vikings, and The Office.

Off The Court Committee Member: Blake Conklin

Blake is a sophomore Civil Engineering major. He spends most of his free time on Netflix and on occasion you might see him playing tennis. Find him on the dance floor trying to get “Rake It Up” to play at least 5 times at a social. Blake enjoys the finer things in life – such as P-Terrys french fries. If you haven’t seen him in a while it’s probably because he’s busy figuring out a caption for his next insta post.

Off The Court Committee Member: Jacob Lovett