Is there a groupme?

Yes, here is the link: GroupMe

We also have a FACEBOOK group called Texas Club Tennis and newsletter we send out before tournaments and practices. Information and links about them can be found under our “How to Join” tab titled “Groupme, Facebook, Newsletter”.

Can graduate students join club tennis?

Yes absolutely!! We accept undergraduates and graduate students who study at UT.

How do I join Texas Club Tennis?

First of all, we accept all skill levels. No on is cut from the tryouts we hold each semester. In order to join, come to any of our practices, events, or the beginning of the year tryouts. You will be able to find an officer there who will explain the paperwork needed in order to join and the dues as well. Our practices are TWF 6-8 pm. For updates information on events, join out Facebook Page (Texas Club Tennis) or email uttennisclub@gmail.com to be added to our mailing list.

What should i bring to practice?

We only provide tennis balls. We do not rent out rackets.

Do I have to have tennis experience to join?

No, we accept all levels of play!

When and where are practices held?

Practices are held from 6pm-8pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the Whitaker Tennis Courts on 51st Street and Guadalupe. These practices are not mandatory; however, we encourage members to attend when they can. Practices are a great way to catch up with friends, meet new people, play your favorite sport, and de-stress.

How can I get to the tennis courts?

There are many options to get to the courts –  you can either drive (if you have a car), ride your bike, take the bus, or ask someone else for a ride.

  • Drive: about 10 minute ride
  • Bus: about 20 minutes. Public transportation is free with your ID card and works great once you know how to use it. You can take the UT Intramural bus (656) from Dean Keeton and Speedway and get off at the Intramural Fields which are right next to the Tennis courts. Another option is to take any bus that goes to the Triangle from Guadalupe in front of the University Co-op. Google Maps and the Capital Metro app are great resources to figure out the bus system.
  • Get a ride: Many of our members have cars. Post on our Facebook page if you ever want a ride and someone is sure to answer!
  • Bike: about a 20 minute ride

What is the difference between a competitive and a non-competitive member?

A competitive member travels with our team to tournaments around Texas and competes against other club teams. We send an average of 5 teams to each tournament and competitive players are placed on them based on our ladder. This ensures that you will be competing against players your level.

A non-competitive member can come to our social and fundraising events as well as all our practices. We encourage members to join competitive, but we know there are players out there who only want to practice and not compete due to a variety of reasons. As a non-competitive member, you can meet and become friends with all the great people that form our club while practicing a sport you love.

What are the dues or necessary payments to be a part of Texas Club Tennis?

As explained in the above question, we have two membership options for members: competitive and non-competitive.

  • Competitive Dues: $80/semester or $150/year
    • Includes balls, court space, tournament fees, travel costs, club t-shirt, socials, and an opportunity to meet people of similar interests and skill level
    • Again, anyone who wants to be a competitive member can be.
  • Non-Competitive Dues: $20/semester
    • Includes balls, court space, club t-shirt, socials, and the opportunity to meet people of similar interests and skill level

How do I sign up for tournaments?

We will send out an email 2-3 weeks before a tournament with a google form sign up and the deadline. We will also post reminders on our Facebook page, Texas Club Tennis.

How long are tournaments?

Tournaments are on Saturdays. If the tournament is farther away (i.e. Houston), then we will leave Friday night and come back Saturday. If the tournament is closer (i.e. San Antonio or Waco), then we’ll drive there and back on Saturday.

Can I switch to a competitive member later or can I join mid semester?

Yes, you can always change or join later, but joining the ladder midseason generally entails a lower position on the ladder that will require challenge matches to be played in order to advance on the ladder.

What is the difference between club and intramural?

Club tennis is an organization, so it offers a more comprehensive experience. We have multiple practices a week, so you are able to get to know the members, as well as having tournaments, socials, fundraisers, and community service events. Intramural is where you are assigned to play a specific opponent and you report the score to RecSports, who will then assign you another opponent to go out and play. Club tennis helps to foster more relationships; however, both are great opportunities to go out and play tennis! You are allowed to participate in both, but if you are a club member you are REQUIRED to play in a league for any tennis related intramural event.