• Separation
      1. Goal: Accommodate normal practice numbers each night (20~30 players)
      2. We will reserve at least two separate sections of courts at Whitaker for concurrent practice to take place.
      3. Each section must not have more than 10 players.
      4. If we have more than 10 players in a single section of courts, additional players will be directed to our 2nd practice group. 
  • Sign In
      1. Upon arriving into the tennis building, each player will scan a QR code for a practice section.
      2. Provided fewer than 10 people have signed in for that section, the player will add their name and head to that section of courts. 
      3. Sign-in sheets allow us to comply with the 10 person meeting limit and the practice log requirement.
  • Balls
      1. Balls will be marked with a combination of their printed number and a hand-drawn shape like a square or star. 
      2. Players are asked to use 2 matching balls per person.
  • Officer Duties
      1. Take balls before practice.
      2. Make sure balls are disinfected and returned to the closet after practice. 
  • Contingency

Q: What if all sections of 10 are filled? 

A: The sign-in sheets will instruct players to grab a non-reserved court and hit with their own party.


Days & Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Fridays from 6pm-8:30pm

Location: Whitaker Tennis Courts on 51st Street & Guadalupe (Address: 290 W 51st St)

How to Get There

Drive: about 15 minutes

Bus: about 15 minutes

Get a ride: Many of our members have cars. Post on our Facebook page if you ever want a ride and someone is sure to answer!

Bike: about a 20 minute ride