Basic Info

Tournaments are held on Saturdays mainly in the fall semester, with some in the spring semester, including the Sectionals, Spring Invitationals, and the National Championship. Check out the schedule tab under tournaments for tournament dates and locations.

Travel Within Texas

Tournaments are held throughout different cities in Texas like Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, and Waco. We organize rides from members there and back. If the city is close, we will leave Saturday morning and come back Saturday night. If the city is farther away (like Houston), we will leave Friday after classes, sleep at a member’s home, and come back Saturday after the tournament.


As no one is cut from our roster, we send many different teams to each tournament. Teams are formed based on our ladder which ensures you will be playing people your level.


  • Many larger club teams send numerous teams to each tournaments. Due to this, each tournament also has many different draws. First teams teams are place on first draws, sometimes second teams as well and so on.
  • Each match is played against another club tennis team with a lineup that consists of 1 guys and 1 girls doubles set, 1 guys and 1 girls singles set, and 1 mixed doubles set, in that order.


  • Tournaments are played with World Team Tennis Scoring
  • One set, change sides every 4 games, sudden death tiebreak to 5-all (switch serves every 2 points and last server serves 3 points, win by 1 point and change sides every 4 points)
  • We are allowed to sub players out (a player can play a maximum of two events)
  • Tiebreak to 7 if teams are tied, win by 1 point
  • Overtime: If you win mixed doubles (last match played) then you keep playing even if you’re down in games. You play until you either catch up to the other team or lose a game.
  • Teams with the most total games at the end of all sets wins

Out of State Opportunities

  • Top two teams have the chance to attend the National Championship and Spring Invitationals
  • For those of you wanting to try to compete in Spring Invitational or Nationals, you are required to play in 2 tournaments before Sectionals


You will not be allowed to play in any tournaments until you submit a membership form (and it is approved), turn in your health insurance if you have it (on membership form), and pay dues.

DO NOT sign up for a tournament unless you know for sure you can play. We have had players back out or not show up before and that hurts your team during the tournaments.